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We help you put your story to the page, offering publishing services ranging from editing, book design, cover design, ebook & physical publishing on Amazon, and more! We take the guesswork out of what, why, and where to self-publish. By taking our quick "How-to" questionnaire, we will get you from "I want to write a book" to "I am a published author." Now what?

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There Are a few steps to releasing your story

These are the Steps:



First, you need to figure out the basics of the story, and this doesn't just mean the plot and the characters. What kind of story are you telling? What is the purpose? What about the genre? Is it Fiction or Non-Fiction? Who is the audience: children, teenagers, adults? What's the message of the story? Etc.



Next, you need to actually write the story.This may seem like the most obvious step, but it can be one of the most daunting as well. You need to keep in mind the genre, format, and audience when you are writing your book: You won't write a children's fairytale the same way as you would a teen romance or an adult self-help book. And if you have illustrations or diagrams, those need to be kept in mind as well.



After the story is written, we get to the editing portion. And this is more than just cleaning up the grammar and spelling. You go over the story multiple times, hopefully with the assistance of others, to clean and tighten up your story. Oftentimes this will require multiple rewrites, which may make your story shorter or longer.



And finally, there is the publishing step. And this step is not simple either. It's where you need to come up with your cover, your blurb, where you want your book published, how the interior of your book looks, etc. Some of this is solved if you work with a traditional publisher, but not only can it be difficult to get picked up by one, but you loose a lot of control that way as well. We do have a solution for that.

It seems like a lot of work doesn't it? You may wonder:

How do I even begin?

You can start by reaching out to Beacon Publishing House! Unlike a traditional publisher, we help you every step of the way.

And with us, you retain full creative control of your book.

From the initial plotting to the final printing, we will assist and guide you on the way to having a bestseller story!

Our team is determined to see that your book gets out into the world, where its light can shine and guide your perfect audience to you. Whether you need help advertising, designing your cover, finding a beta reader, or even discovering your plot, we are here to help.

Everyone has a story in them, so let's release your's!

From Inspiring Reality to Fantastical Dreams!

From memoir to fantasy to literary fiction, we love working with every format and genre! Whether you desire to create an engaging picture book for children, a gripping thriller for adults, or a tear-jerking biography for all ages, our team is here to assist!

There's A Story In You!

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“Every story has a light, a beacon to guide others through the fog of life. Let our team help you build the lighthouse to focus that light.”

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Building the Beacon



If you don't know what your story is, or don't know how to begin, we can help. We will go over what you are trying to accomplish with your story and help you determine the best format to use to share it. We also offer tips and guidance to getting started with plotting out your story.

Lighting the Beacon



You might feel like you are stuck on your own, but we can assist in this this area as well. We offer tips and guidance with the actual writing of your story. If you are in need of illustrations, diagrams, etc, we can help you get in touch with someone who will match well with your tale. And if you get stuck behind writer's block, our team members are more than willing to let you bounce ideas off on them.

Pointing the Beacon



When you finally get that first draft done, we'll be right there beside you, ready for the editing step. We offer full editing and beta-reading services, assisting you in finding not only grammatical and spelling errors, but plot holes, tone issues, and more problems that may crop up within your early drafts. Or, if you'd rather, we also offer simple proofreading services as well.

Guiding your Audience



And when you are ready to send your story out into the world, well, that's where we truly shine. We can assist you with everything, from creating your cover design to formatting your book interior to setting your book up on Amazon. We also help you get the word out about your story and work with you to make your book into an Amazon Bestseller.





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