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Entrepreneurship is not for the weak! It will take clarity, confidence, courage and commitment to create a successful, sustainable business. And, as you will learn through this book, success doesn’t always happen with your first business. The women in this book have come forward to share with you a part of their entrepreneurial journey. Get over 40 practical tips and examples from these female entrepreneurs of how they moved from heartbreak and distress to happiness and success.  Each chapter leaves you with powerful takeaways to act on immediately. Self-help from women who helped themselves, this book will inspire you to find the courage to take entrepreneurial action. A portion of the proceeds from all book sales are donated to the Reach for the STARs female entrepreneur scholarship program, a fiscally sponsored project of Silver Lining Riding 501c3, professionally managed by Starshine Communities, Inc. - an Arizona Benefit Corporation.  

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Noel Tillman

A Life Refocused

A young mother willingly puts her creative passions into raising her family. After they are grown, she begins questioning some of her life decisions. In her chapter, A Life Refocused, Noel Tillman shares her path to reclaiming her brilliance.

Cyndee Harding

Becoming a SAFE Woman

Becoming a SAFE Woman, as Cyndee Harding shares in her chapter of the same name, means being aware of your surroundings at all times. You may think that is easier said than done. But Cyndee shares some very practical tips about how to create your safety strategy – whether you are in public, in your home, or in your workplace.

Click on image to preview interview
Click on image to preview interview

Regina Thomas


After 22 years of dedicated service to an organization that she loved, was it time to move on? In her chapter, Betrayal, Regina Thomas takes us through her journey from fear to forgiveness as she strives to break free from those ties that sometimes bind us.

Cindy Martel-Brown

Born to Rise

Being her own worst critic, this is the story of how one women grew up thinking she was terrible at one thing to discover she actually had a gift for it in Born to Rise. Cindy Martel-Brown goes on to share her discovery that your destiny is laid out for you if only you believe in it!

Click on image to preview interview
Click on image to preview interview

Anita Miranda

Butterfly Kisses

From the Ward of the Court to the CEO of her own boardroom, Anita Miranda never imagined herself to be anything but ordinary. Anita shares her insights of how she overcame a debilitating diagnosis to being one of the most sought after Intuitive Lip Print Readers in the world in her chapter, Butterfly Kisses.

Karen M. Winkelman

Cast Adrift in a Sea of Change

Losing her job led to losing her identity. In her chapter, Cast Adrift in a Sea of Change, join Karen M. Winkelman as she shares her journey from a great loss to a new life. If you have ever been laid off prior to starting your entrepreneurial journey, you will be able to relate to Karen’s thoughts and emotions during this transitional time. Karen will also share some words of wisdom from lessons learned.

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Stacy Axon

From Breakdown to Breakthrough

After years of being in an emotionally abusive relationship, Stacy Axon finally had the courage to leave, yet in the process, had a complete breakdown. Severe depression and anxiety became her new normal. In her chapter, From Breakdown to Breakthrough, Stacy shares her breakthrough process that redefined her business.

Paddy Rasmussen

Getting Out of the Waiting Room

Paddy Rasmussen went to college, received her Bachelor’s degree then moved forward on her life plan. She soon discovered she needed a Plan B when faced with a death, divorce and downsizing. In her chapter, Getting Out of the Waiting Room, Paddy shares what is means to be a survivor and create your own beautiful destiny.

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Click on image to preview interview

Veronica Clark

Kintsukurio Girl

Have you ever felt completely and utterly broken? Veronica Clark has. In her chapter, Kintsukurio Girl, Veronica bravely bares her soul and give us a peek inside her internal struggle to move past a near death experience to seek out a more joyful life.

María Tomás-Keegan

Learning to Swim in the Ebb and Flow

The grief we feel when we lose someone is deep and different depending on the nature of our relationship. Having experienced loss starting at the tender age of 13, María Tomás-Keegan shares her insights about handling the passing of our loved ones in her chapter Learning to Swim in the Ebb and Flow.

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Click on image to preview interview

Donna Sparaco

Mourning Sex

The end of her husband’s human experience catapulted her to begin life in a way she would never have imagined. And in this journey, they are walking side-by-side in a “you got this baby” way. In her chapter, Mourning Sex, Donna Sparaco takes you through her grieving process as she questions whether she could or should love again.

Tamara Parisio

The Wordsmith Wears Prada

In childhood, Tamara loved to observe—watching scenarios and outcomes. She recognized that most people don’t pay attention. In a world full of distractions, both external and internal, they can’t really listen. Plus, people have preconceptions and they show up with their own agendas that get in the way of understanding. This thwarts real possibility. In her chapter, The Wordsmith Wears Prada, Tamara Parisio shares how to make the most of your every scene in the leading role of your success.

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Click on image to preview interview

Leeanne Gardner

Unbridle Your Passion and Lead with Your Heart

Most of us have experienced a life event that impacted the way we chose to proceed on our journey through the various chapters of our lives. Leeanne Gardner shares her story in Unbridle Your Passion and Lead with Your Heart that details her journey from loss at a young age and the reconnection that lead her to be passionate about helping others identify their “walls” and reconnect with a passion for more life balance.

Susan F. Moody

When Failure was the Only Option

Having started over 10 successful businesses, what happened with number 11 that lead to humiliation, remorse, recovery and then redemption? In her chapter, When Failure was the Only Option, Susan F. Moody shares her story of how this business woman had the courage to try it again and launch yet another business.

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About the authors

Susan Square

Susan F. Moody

Susan F. Moody, Principal and Co-Founder of Starshine Communities Inc., an Arizona Benefit Corporation, has successfully started over 14 small businesses. She has served on the board for the Small Business Administration, been mentioned in Entrepreneur Magazine and featured on talk radio as well as NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox affiliate television stations. She is the author of Cz the Day! and co-author of Beat the Curve with Brian Tracy.

Susan is a Certified Success Coach, Best-Selling Author, and Inspirational Speaker whose core business focuses on helping entrepreneurs build a business that matters, makes a difference and makes money. Starshine Communities, Inc. creates collaborative communities of small business owners resulting in positive personal, social and economic impact. Each Community is designed to foster the sharing of resources to provide solutions for your business and support for YOU, the heart and soul behind the business.

Susan has a particular passion for working with woman-owned businesses and helping aspiring entrepreneurs bring their business vision to life. With that in mind, Starshine Communities, Inc. partnered with Silver Lining Riding 501c3 to launch their fiscally sponsored project “Reach for the STARs”, a scholarship program for female entrepreneurs.

Leeanne Gardner

Leeanne inspires busy professionals to tap into their heart and reconnect with their passion to bring more balance and happiness into their lives. A lifelong love of horses taught her many lessons including the importance of authenticity and having a balance between business and personal life. After choosing to leave the corporate world after 25 years, she created Unbridle It, LLC, to help people reconnect with a passion by working with horses.

In 2016, Leeanne was invited by Susan F. Moody to be on her radio show, Cz the Day! During that on-air interview, the two realized they had some synergy behind what they desired to create with their businesses, decided to join forces and created StarshineAZ.

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